Fire Hydrant Concerns at 748 Willacy Dr SE

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Submitted Mon Apr 26, 2021

This fire hydrant was repaired/replaced multiple time in the past 3-4 years. The last time being a full replacement and new valve that had a large excavation. The work area was never regraded properly after settlement of the area (have completed multiple 311's in this in past few years) and needs to be properly graded. Please review and repair the park area as it was, as you should do for large MH replacement area further west that was completed last fall.

Issue: Repair Needed

address: 748 WILLACY DR SE

coordinates x,y: -3200.3121492514215, 5645872.333867152

coordinates lat,lng: 50.94921487676085, -114.0455448593955

ward: 11

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