Tree Maintenance - City Owned at 99 Cranleigh Mr SE

CLOSED Complete. WAM SR# 1560051. - about 1 month ago #21-00526757
Submitted Thu Jul 15, 2021

Poplars along the pathway behind 99 Cranleigh Manor SE are shooting saplings up and starting a new little forest. These saplings are also popping up in my backyard and my neighbours backyard and they are impossible to get rid of other than just cutting them down close to the ground. I would like some maintenance on the tree to take care of the problem. The ride-on lawnmowers that quickly pass by the area do t deal with the problem and as you Dan see they haven't even been around in a while.

Issue: Pruning

Location Details (Landmarks): Immediately behind back fence of 95/99 Cranleigh Manor SE

address: 99 CRANLEIGH MR SE

coordinates x,y: 308.19935140690745, 5639479.675156214

coordinates lat,lng: 50.89175415039062, -113.995619296702

ward: 12

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