Road Repair at 8646 Country Hills Bv NW

OPENED over 2 years ago #21-00628363
Submitted Tue Aug 24, 2021

Many manholes that are too low.

Specific location details: It's on the main Road beside Shoppers drug Mart. Or coordinates: 51.147964,-114.211034

Specific details of the issue: Many manholes that are too low.

Type of Road: Paved Public Road

address: 8694 COUNTRY HILLS BV NW

coordinates x,y: -14774.092883038056, 5668014.923816047

coordinates lat,lng: 51.148089, -114.21115816

ward: 1

Timestamp Description
Tue Aug 24, 2021 08:31pm Opened
Tue Aug 24, 2021 08:30pm Submitted via Android Android