Backlane Maintenance at 284 Cornerstone Ps NE

CLOSED Completed - 2 days ago #21-00653222
Submitted Fri Sep 03, 2021

The gravel lane in the back alley has so many holes and dunked part at the entrance and in the whole alley. Photos are attached for the reference. This has been complained since last year but the ticket was closed without any maintenance being done. So I need to know the date when this is going to be done. I also would like to know the superior department that this complaint can be raised for not doing the job and marking as complete.

Issue: Rut / Gravel Request

Specific details of the issue: The lane is full of holes, dust and uneven surface throughout the full back alley.

Specific Location details: Full back alley from entrance till paved road in the back of 284 cornerstone passage NE

Type of Backlane: Gravel Backlane

address: 284 CORNERSTONE PS NE

coordinates x,y: 3906.5489339572437, 5669504.881732252

coordinates lat,lng: 51.16166033007087, -113.9441494417956

ward: 5

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