Fence in/around a Park - Repair at 223 Lake Rosen Cr SE

CLOSED Complete. WAM SR# 1585742. - about 1 month ago #22-00446137
Submitted Tue Jun 28, 2022

Damaged Fence at children's playground

Describe the concern. The fence was damaged due to a fallen tree. The mesh is dangerous due to megal spikes and the tube post has sharp edges. Kids walk past by daily. Causing a safety concern. Please repair

address: 223 LAKE ROSEN CR SE

coordinates x,y: -4400.07860094909, 5645781.86982912

coordinates lat,lng: 50.94839371, -114.06261809

ward: 14

Timestamp Description
Mon Jul 04, 2022 04:15pm Closed with status: Complete. WAM SR# 1585742.
Tue Jun 28, 2022 04:13pm Complete
Tue Jun 28, 2022 04:05pm Opened
Tue Jun 28, 2022 04:03pm Submitted via Android Android