Traffic or Pedestrian Light Repair at 71 St Moritz Dr SW

CLOSED about 1 month ago #22-00534526
Submitted Mon Aug 01, 2022

Type of Traffic Device: Traffic Signal Light or Pole

Specific details of problem: Light is changing when no vehicles on side street

Direction of Travel: Eastbound

Date you noticed problem: Mon Aug 01, 2022

Time you noticed problem: 03:33pm

address: 228 ASPEN STONE BV SW

coordinates x,y: -15202.585517652655, 5655750.790631702

coordinates lat,lng: 51.03782820719445, -114.2167662876244

ward: 6

Timestamp Description
Mon Aug 01, 2022 03:49pm Closed
Mon Aug 01, 2022 03:38pm Opened
Mon Aug 01, 2022 03:34pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone