Fence or Structure Concern - City Property at 55 Edgewood Dr NW

CLOSED 9 months ago #23-00236713
Submitted Fri Apr 07, 2023

Broken cable fence

Issue: Needs Repair

Type of Fence: Post and Cable

Provide Specific Details of the Issue: Thing is smashed to bits

Specific Location details to assist crew to locate: Behind 332 edge hill drive

address: 55 EDGEWOOD DR NW

coordinates x,y: -10787.013361674784, 5665122.429453043

coordinates lat,lng: 51.12217573571993, -114.154086672689

ward: 4

Timestamp Description
Mon Sep 11, 2023 07:59am Closed
Fri Apr 07, 2023 12:43pm Opened
Fri Apr 07, 2023 12:42pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone