Spring On-Street Bike Lane Cleaning at 4 Cranridge Cr SE

CLOSED 4 months ago #23-00370254
Submitted Fri May 26, 2023

Issue: Missed Street - Re-Sweep Request

Specific Details of Issue: There were no cars parked here on street cleaning day. Makes zero sense that it wasn't cleaned then

Specific Location Details: Cranston Rd between Cranridge Cres and Cranston DR

address: 4 CRANRIDGE CR SE

coordinates x,y: 1466.5875647169926, 5638339.553073622

coordinates lat,lng: 50.8815027, -113.9791587

ward: 12

Timestamp Description
Tue May 30, 2023 06:10am Closed
Fri May 26, 2023 04:31am Opened
Fri May 26, 2023 04:29am Submitted via Android Android