Sidewalk or Curb - Repair at 1120 Berkley Dr NW

CLOSED 9 months ago #23-00715521
Submitted Fri Sep 22, 2023

Nature of Concern: Protruding Sidewalk Edge (Trip Edge)

Type of Sidewalk: Concrete

Specific Details: It's work that was done by the city and hasn't been finished our cleaned up. Dangerous trip hazard. Soil needed to fill in sides of side walk, and debris left from crew cleaned up or taken away.

Specific Location: 1118 berkley dr nw

If at intersection corner? Not at an intersection

address: 1120 BERKLEY DR NW

coordinates x,y: -6174.968542012393, 5665778.429690645

coordinates lat,lng: 51.1281411595144, -114.0882174450937

ward: 4

Timestamp Description
Mon Sep 25, 2023 02:30pm Closed
Fri Sep 22, 2023 11:55am Opened
Fri Sep 22, 2023 11:54am Submitted via iPhone Iphone