Debris on Street, Sidewalk, Boulevard at 2720 Doverbrook Rd SE

CLOSED 9 months ago #23-00716732
Submitted Fri Sep 22, 2023

Construction material on sidewalk

Location of Debris: Sidewalk

Type of Debris: Construction / Landscaping Materials / Gravel

Specific Details of issue: Once again this homeowner seems to feel that he can stack his construction material on the city sidewalk, which now is a potential tripping hazard

Specific Location Details: Sidewalk in front of 2720 Doverbrook Road SE

address: 2720 DOVERBROOK RD SE

coordinates x,y: 333.7459797460278, 5653533.986950668

coordinates lat,lng: 51.0181006, -113.9952433

ward: 9

Timestamp Description
Wed Oct 04, 2023 06:53am Closed
Fri Sep 22, 2023 04:54pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone
Fri Sep 22, 2023 04:54pm Opened