Debris on Street, Sidewalk, Boulevard at 22 Rock Lake Ht NW

CLOSED 19 days ago #23-00717277
Submitted Sat Sep 23, 2023

Cement waste left in sidewalk curb and storm water drain (from neighbour's concrete pouring). Concrete waste thick enough to drive through (more photos available)

Location of Debris: Roadway

Type of Debris: Construction / Landscaping Materials / Gravel

Specific Details of issue: Neighbour's concrete job had wash off waste from cement truck washed into our sidewalk curb. Now cement on our driveway.

Specific Location Details: Front curb of 22 Rock Lake Heights NW from job at 18 Rock Lake Heights NW (more pictures available)

address: 22 ROCK LAKE HT NW

coordinates x,y: -16616.792218164697, 5668144.863762032

coordinates lat,lng: 51.149206586616, -114.2375006362407

ward: 1

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Sat Nov 11, 2023 05:10am Closed
Sat Sep 23, 2023 07:46am Opened
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