Tree Maintenance - City Owned at 118 Varsity Estates Bay NW Northwest Calgary

CLOSED Complete. WAM SR# 1633749. - 5 months ago #23-00748098
Submitted Thu Oct 05, 2023


Issue: Pruning

Location Details (Landmarks): City poplar trees in Geb Playground park beside 118 Varsity Estates Bay NW. Along the northwest fence line of the park. City of Calgary Tree Identification#: T-32336613, T-32336612, T-32336592

Specific details of your request: There are very large branches that are overhanging onto our property in several places. Tree branches have previously broken and fallen onto our house and caused damage that we had to repair. Large branches are extending into our yard and impairing the growth of fir trees in our yard.


coordinates x,y: -11877.168875320363, 5662789.077059699

coordinates lat,lng: 51.1011783, -114.1695821

ward: 1

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