Fence or Structure Concern - City Property at 118 Woodbrook Wy SW

CLOSED 6 months ago #23-00861215
Submitted Tue Nov 21, 2023

Fence bordering Woodbrook way and Anderson rd by the pedestrian overpass has come down. People are walking on path. Fence needs to be fixed and sign put up with pathway closed so landscape mitigation has a chance to succeed.

Issue: Needs Repair

Type of Fence: Chain Link

Provide Specific Details of the Issue: Fence put up as part of landscape remediation along Woodbrook way due to sewer line work along Anderson rd

Specific Location details to assist crew to locate: Fence across the street from 110 - 148 Woodbrook way needs to be reinforced.

address: 118 WOODBROOK WY SW

coordinates x,y: -9345.778535615054, 5645963.233840291

coordinates lat,lng: 50.94996520442303, -114.1330054918564

ward: 13

Timestamp Description
Wed Nov 22, 2023 08:28am Closed
Tue Nov 21, 2023 09:05am Opened
Tue Nov 21, 2023 09:03am Submitted via iPhone Iphone