Backlane Maintenance at 1606 7 St NW

OPENED 5 months ago #23-00893341
Submitted Mon Dec 04, 2023

Back laneway maintenance.

Issue: Rut / Gravel Request

Specific details of the issue: I phoned 311 on Friday to request back lane grading but ultimately new gravel because there is so little gravel compared to the fine compact dust or mud - service request 886568. Dec 3 a grader showed up to work on the back laneway and moved the small amount of gravel around which solved the pothole issue but scraped down to a hard and compact layer that will not allow water to eventually percolate. Raking the small amount of gravel around is not a long term solution. More gravel needed please.

Specific Location details: Back laneway, 1600 block 7 St and 6A St NW. Lane to south in 1400 block is what we need to duplicate

Type of Backlane: Gravel Backlane

address: 1606 7 ST NW

coordinates x,y: -5457.820499116593, 5658834.942814845

coordinates lat,lng: 51.06572896376477, -114.0778671526965

ward: 7

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Mon Dec 04, 2023 04:18pm Opened
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