Debris on Street, Sidewalk, Boulevard at 48 Shawnee Bv SW

CLOSED 2 months ago #24-00080270
Submitted Wed Jan 31, 2024

The contractor has tracked a huge amount of mud and gravel onto the roads and it's now all over the entire community.

Location of Debris: Roadway

Type of Debris: Construction / Landscaping Materials / Gravel

Specific Details of issue: Careless contractor not using access mats on site to prevent the dump trucks from tracking mud everywhere.

Specific Location Details: Both directions

address: 48 SHAWNEE BV SW

coordinates x,y: -5497.467328718229, 5642995.115124734

coordinates lat,lng: 50.92333166597157, -114.0781931339768

ward: 13

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Thu Feb 01, 2024 04:40pm Closed
Wed Jan 31, 2024 04:22pm Opened
Wed Jan 31, 2024 04:21pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone