Snow On City Road at 883 Harvest Hills Dr NE

CLOSED 3 months ago #24-00102224
Submitted Fri Feb 09, 2024

You may not shovel snow from your private property (e.g. driveway) onto a public space (e.g. road).

Issue: Road Plowing/Clearing request - hazardous/emerg

Specific details of issue: Always putting piles of snow on road so no one can park on public road snow is from driveway

Specific location details: Snow pile on road

address: 883 HARVEST HILLS DR NE

coordinates x,y: -3797.51678133143, 5667522.949951293

coordinates lat,lng: 51.14384436529707, -114.0542708617622

ward: 3

Timestamp Description
Mon Feb 12, 2024 09:13am Closed
Fri Feb 09, 2024 03:56am Opened
Fri Feb 09, 2024 03:54am Submitted via iPhone Iphone