Coyote Sightings and Concerns at 12 Sage Hill Pt NW

CLOSED 5 months ago #24-00110193
Submitted Mon Feb 12, 2024

Could you please just put up a warning placard like there is by the playground. This coyote wasn't aggressive at all but I have seen him in the same spot twice now in the middle of the day. I just want to avoid any unexpected confrontations. Thanks

Type of behaviour: Normal

Specific location details of the Coyote: Just below the entrance to the ravine in the pathway.

Date of occurrence: Mon Feb 12, 2024

Time of occurrence: 03:45pm

address: 12 SAGE HILL PT NW

coordinates x,y: -10269.36054040519, 5671284.103499761

coordinates lat,lng: 51.1775758655501, -114.1468680137951

ward: 2

Timestamp Description
Mon Feb 12, 2024 06:25pm Closed
Mon Feb 12, 2024 06:25pm Opened
Mon Feb 12, 2024 06:24pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone