Fence or Structure Concern - City Property at 87 Couture Cr SW

CLOSED 3 months ago #24-00154453
Submitted Sun Mar 03, 2024

Sound wall hit by vehicle traveling west on Glenmore. One panel damaged beside this address. Calgary fire taped off the area. Homeowners did not answer doorbell

Issue: Damage or Vandalism

Type of Fence: Noise Barrier Wall or Sound Wall

Provide Specific Details of the Issue: Vehicle travelling westbound on Glenmore Trail, lost control and hit wall. Punched bottom of sound wall into the yard of 87 Kutcher Crescent. Calgary fire taped off the area. Residence did not answer doorbell for us to tell him about what happened.

Specific Location details to assist crew to locate: As can be seen in the picture, the damage is right next to the address of 87 couture Crescent

address: 87 COUTURE CR SW

coordinates x,y: -8821.240344121277, 5651704.98355907

coordinates lat,lng: 51.001590752463, -114.1256797374594

ward: 11

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Tue Mar 05, 2024 03:08pm Closed
Sun Mar 03, 2024 02:54am Opened
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