Debris on Street, Sidewalk, Boulevard at 39 Memorial Dr NE

CLOSED about 1 month ago #24-00257155
Submitted Wed Apr 10, 2024

Tent on a pathway

Location of Debris: Sidewalk

Type of Debris: Furniture / Household Items

Specific Details of issue: Tent on a pathway

Specific Location Details: Tent on a pathway

address: 39 MEMORIAL DR NE

coordinates x,y: -4321.792481340677, 5657456.958195637

coordinates lat,lng: 51.05335096126636, -114.0616429117464

ward: 7

Timestamp Description
Wed Apr 10, 2024 05:12pm Closed
Wed Apr 10, 2024 03:08pm Opened
Wed Apr 10, 2024 03:06pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone