Tree Maintenance - City Owned-WAM at 111 Parkview Gr SE

OPENED 3 months ago #24-00279247
Submitted Wed Apr 17, 2024

Location Details (Landmarks): Parkview Green

Specific details of your request: Would like all poplars on the green, to be inspected for rot, and risk of being blown down. The green is used daily by the kids from six families, and many dog walkers on the street and in the neighborhood.

address: 111 PARKVIEW GR SE

coordinates x,y: -2186.1299182486287, 5642664.292766304

coordinates lat,lng: 50.92037963867188, -114.031092412876

ward: 14

Timestamp Description
Wed Apr 17, 2024 07:59pm Opened
Wed Apr 17, 2024 12:55pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone