Backlane Maintenance at 2412 17 A St SW

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Submitted Wed Apr 17, 2024

Between 17th Street and 17A Street the back lane that runs off of 23rd Avenue there is a very large pothole / un-level area near the dumpster bins for the apartment buildings. Depending on the season it fills with water or snow and vehicles have been stuck based on the conditions. Late last summer a grader came down the back lane to try and address this area and others but based on how the dumpsters were placed they were unable to fix the issue and in parts made it a bit worse.

Issue: Pothole

Specific details of the issue: Area is a hazard. Uneven surface for those that may walk down the lane. Vehicles get stuck.

Specific Location details: In the back lane behind 2412 17A Street SW Beside the dumpsters for the apartment buildings.

Type of Backlane: Gravel Backlane

address: 2412 17A ST SW

coordinates x,y: -7239.078817076617, 5655174.094137043

coordinates lat,lng: 51.0327993, -114.1032073

ward: 8

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