Tree Maintenance - City Owned-WAM at 3716 36 Av SW

OPENED Complete. WAM SR# 1645237. - 3 months ago #24-00288231
Submitted Sun Apr 21, 2024

2024/04/22- IP redirecting this SR to UF Technician- Please forward SR 1645237 to a tree tech for inspection of tree cracks cavity and hardware. One fork of the green ash in my front yard has developed a crack almost down to ground level.. in the wind (Sunday, 21 April) I can see & hear the tree flexing on the crack. It's worse than last year.

Issue: Tree Inspection

Location Details (Landmarks): Front yard, west side

Specific details of your request: Inspect and prune the tree. While standing beside it I can see and hear the trunk move with the wind

address: 3716 36 AV SW

coordinates x,y: -9752.323024665446, 5653912.677602824

coordinates lat,lng: 51.02142236559589, -114.1390045183285

ward: 8

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