Spring Street Cleaning at 544 Citadel Meadow Ba NW

CLOSED about 1 month ago #24-00352831
Submitted Mon May 13, 2024

Our cul-de-sac area will need a re-sweep as it was done poorly from the start. I've also noticed that the entirety of Citadel Way NW did not get done well because the snow postponed cleanup and signs were never put out afterwards to notify people that street sweeping will commence so no one move their vehicles. Please return for a re-sweep into Citadel and make sure to put out signs informing residents of when it'll take place so that cars can be moved. Thank you!

Issue: Missed Street - Re-Sweep Request

Specific Details of Issue: Many roads in Citadel NW did not get cleared properly as we were scheduled for early April

Specific Location Details: Cul-de-sac of 500+ Citadel Meadow Bay NW as well as entirety of Citadel Way NW road


coordinates x,y: -12672.840279799686, 5668121.174265171

coordinates lat,lng: 51.1490945, -114.18113

ward: 2

Timestamp Description
Tue May 14, 2024 11:48am Closed
Mon May 13, 2024 03:53pm Opened
Mon May 13, 2024 03:52pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone