Traffic/Pedestrian Signal Repair at 40 11 A St NE

CLOSED about 1 month ago #24-00361911
Submitted Thu May 16, 2024

Type of Traffic Device: Pedestrian Walk Sign or Accessible Signal

Specific details of problem: Desperately requires lines painted as this is a reasonably new crosswalk. Often ignored by drivers & cyclists.

Direction of Travel: All Directions

Date you noticed problem: Mon Jan 01, 2024

Time you noticed problem: 10:25am

address: 40 11A ST NE

coordinates x,y: -2357.022449074535, 5657171.639688375

coordinates lat,lng: 51.05079744741189, -114.0336170081221

ward: 9

Timestamp Description
Thu May 16, 2024 01:27pm Closed
Thu May 16, 2024 10:26am Opened
Thu May 16, 2024 10:25am Submitted via iPhone Iphone