Coyote Sightings and Concerns at 11785 Harvest Hills Bv N

CLOSED 23 days ago #24-00475193
Submitted Wed Jun 19, 2024


Type of behaviour: Other

Specific location details of the Coyote: Coming from stormwater pond to cross Harvest Hills Blvd to Superstore. Is not as scared of humans.

Date of occurrence: Tue Jun 18, 2024

Time of occurrence: 09:30pm

address: 11785 HARVEST HILLS BV N

coordinates x,y: -5006.683072094868, 5669425.960749521

coordinates lat,lng: 51.1609423, -114.07157768

ward: 3

Timestamp Description
Thu Jun 20, 2024 11:30am Closed
Wed Jun 19, 2024 01:02pm Opened
Wed Jun 19, 2024 01:01pm Submitted via Android Android