Backlane Maintenance at 429 37 Street SW Spruce Cliff

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Submitted Thu Jun 20, 2024

I am only able to import one file for the photo section but I can provide more if requested. In summary, our backlane has poor drainage that has resulted in multiple potholes some that can fill up with 6 inches or more of water. The backlane to the south of ours has perfect drainage and as a result no potholes. I'd understand if there was just a few potholes but essentially the entire backlane has potholes making it rough to drive through and very muddy for multiples days when it rains.

Issue: Pothole

Specific details of the issue: Multiple Large Potholes caused by improper damage

Specific Location details: Backlane between 4ave Sw and 3ave SW off of 37 Street Sw

Type of Backlane: Gravel Backlane

address: 429 37 ST SW

coordinates x,y: -9921.692876283994, 5657002.866213232

coordinates lat,lng: 51.0491994, -114.1415032

ward: 6

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