Road Repair at 1336 15 St NW

OPENED 19 days ago #24-00489513
Submitted Mon Jun 24, 2024

Completely unacceptable main access road standards for residents who live on 14th St., Northwest. This request should not absolutely not be classified as a regular pot repair program to repair list. This is our only main access road.

Issue: Uneven Surface / Cracks

Specific details of the issue: Over 75 potholes that are as deep as 9" and 25" wide - 3km/hr max speed to access our primary residence. Taxis and couriers refuse to drive on our access road better city of calgary unacceptable for a major urban centre !!!

Specific location details: 13th Ave., Northwest along lions Park from 14th St. all the way to 16 a. th St. NW.

Type of Road: Paved Public Road

address: 1336 15 ST NW

coordinates x,y: -6699.461106784917, 5658610.821564837

coordinates lat,lng: 51.06370104117198, -114.0955775635183

ward: 7

Timestamp Description
Mon Jun 24, 2024 08:57am Opened
Mon Jun 24, 2024 08:56am Submitted via iPhone Iphone