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Street Cleaning at 11 EDMONTON TR NE

Sweep required on Edmonton Trail cycle track
OPENED about 10 hours ago #18-00364461

Street Cleaning at 2109 2 ST SW

Street Cleaning needed for bikes - entire east side of 2 st is very gravelly and dangerous for cyclists to ride on, consequently pushing them more into the main part of the road/cars
CLOSED about 14 hours ago #18-00362598

Street Cleaning at 1942 Uxbridge Dr NW

Alley off Unwin road has smashed glass down the alley. Need sweep.
CLOSED Could Not Locate - Close SR - about 17 hours ago #18-00359345

Street Cleaning at 24 NOLAN HILL GA NW

Road cleaning required. Toonie size rocks and debris on road causing damage to vehicles.
CLOSED about 18 hours ago #18-00361635

Street Cleaning at 44 VENTURA WY NE

Thank you to grader operator #HG 11578 for doing a very nice job of cleaning the ice away from the road gutters.
CLOSED 2 days ago #18-00354479

Street Cleaning at 6817 11 ST SE

OPENED 2 days ago #18-00356130
Street Cleaning at 6817 11 ST SE

Street Cleaning at 27 CRESTBROOK HL SW

Home construction on Crestbrook Hill has resulted in heavy debris and mud being tracked on the roadway for the length of Crestbrook Hill and much of Crestmont BLVD. It is causing contamination of surrounding property, especially those on...
OPENED 4 days ago #18-00348464

Street Cleaning at 303 23 AV SW

My concern is that in recent years boulevards, grassy dividers and other landscaped areas adjacent to roadways are not being cleared of gravel during the annual spring street cleaning. Gravel and salt kill the grass and the attractiveness...
CLOSED 5 days ago #18-00343567
Street Cleaning at 303 23 AV SW

Street Cleaning at 15 NOLAN HILL GA NW

Lots of gravel on Shagannapi road, both north and southbound. The northbound lane has been cleaned twice but thenl cleaning truck did not clean the southbound lanes. The gravel trucks from this complex have been creating this issue for a...
CLOSED 7 days ago #18-00341914

Street Cleaning at 2 SHAWNEE RI SW

There is very large gravel, of the construction variety, not snow gravel on the road from the nearby construction site
CLOSED 7 days ago #18-00341198

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