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Street Cleaning at 80 RIVERCREST CR SE

When I came home from work tonight, it looks like someone's vehicle has had a leak on the street corner by our house. There's quite a large puddle, I think it's oil, but I'm not sure, it could be antifreeze
CLOSED about 1 hour ago #18-00810063

Street Cleaning at 15 EVANSRIDGE CR NW

Glass on roadway
CLOSED Issue Resolved - Close SR. sweeper dispatched. - about 2 hours ago #18-00801146

Street Cleaning at 7960 SARCEE TR NW

Glass shards on the road. Located at North Sarcee Trail NW at John Laurie
CLOSED about 20 hours ago #18-00777655

Street Cleaning at 2099 194 AV SE

311 Response - Request has been forwarded to Calgary's Bylaw Services Department. Email address is password for follow up. In the future to avoid service delays please create a Dump/Encroach on City Property service request>> >>>There ar...
CLOSED about 23 hours ago #18-00794465

Street Cleaning at 246 17 AV NE

Just saw the street cleaning truck driver by, but there are no street cleaning signs to be seen near by or letting people know. The street is littered with cars. Thanks for not cleaning the street, seems like a big waste of time and tax p...
CLOSED Move to Future Sweeping List. The spring clean up manual missed two signs to be placed at both entrances of 17 AVE from 1ST NE Edmonton Trail. Will make the proper adjustments and will set up a re-sweep at this location at the end of our schedule. Thank you for calling. - about 24 hours ago #18-00423355

Street Cleaning at 3035 PARKDALE LN NW

Hello. My address is 3043. Our lane which is city owned was not cleaned. Please send someone thank you!
CLOSED about 24 hours ago #18-00429600

Street Cleaning at 836 NORTHMOUNT DR NW

Confederation Villas not cleaned as other roads in district This road is missed every spring !
CLOSED about 24 hours ago #18-00391674
Street Cleaning at 836 NORTHMOUNT DR NW

Street Cleaning at 955 MCPHERSON RD NE

There were signs indicating April 27th for street cleaning but it hasn't happened, yet. I checked online to see if the dates have changed, but they haven't. Will they be coming back?
CLOSED about 24 hours ago #18-00445820
Street Cleaning at 955 MCPHERSON RD NE

Street Cleaning at 10 St NW Calgary Division No. 6

I know the official sweeping hasn't started, but if you can send a sweeper to do the bike lanes on 10th st NW it would be appreciated. Lots of loose gravel.
CLOSED about 24 hours ago #18-00326521

Street Cleaning at 3720 UNDERHILL DR NW

Reference # 350970. Thick mud residue adjacent to curb (3 houses).Mud is dragged onto the sidewalk and on to my driveway. Deposited by water main break flooding Jan./18. How do I forward images to street cleaning? I called 311 six times t...
CLOSED about 24 hours ago #18-00436663

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